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The times are A-changing

Yes to DevOps, no to automatic deployment? In aety, we spend a lot of time helping organizations with their development- and operations processes. We have seen a growing interest in DevOps, and we will gladly tell you why it is a good idea to standardize and automate processes. However, we also meet resistance towards automating…

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Data Residency for Standard and Premium Cloud Plans

Back in March, we announced that Atlassian would offer data residency to standard and premium cloud plans. Today, we can announce that the first step has been taken and data residency is now included in all new standard and premium cloud licenses. For any existing standard and premium cloud customers, data residency will automatically be…

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New Partnership with

Aety has entered into a new partnership with which means that we can now offer licenses to our existing and new customers. In general, as a customer at Aety, you can leave your license agreements with us, which means that you no longer have to worry about license renewals. With the new partnership…

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Data in EU

One of the questions we often receive from customers who are deciding between using Atlassian’s data center or cloud is about data residency, meaning the customer’s possibility to manage their data location. Our European customers focus on compliance and data security which is why Atlassian’s decision to include data residency into its standard and premium…

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Aety Has Become a SKI 02.06 Supplier

We are excited to announce that we have joined the new SKI 02.06 agreement regarding standard software. The agreement is for the purchase of software, support, and maintenance as well as services related to software, such as implementation, installation, education, and counseling. In the SKI 02.06 system, customers can purchase standard software and related services,…

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Aety is Now Partner With Miro

We are excited to announce that Aety have partnered with miro! It is a partnership that we have been looking forward to, especially because miro offers a product that is aligned with our goal to help companies streamline collaboration in their teams. Today, we live in a reality where the majority of employees are working…

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Refined Silver Partners

Aety is now Refined Silver Partners! We are super proud of our Silver partnership status with Refined, who as a software platform specializes in integrating Atlassian software. This Partner status has been made possible, in particular, because of successful collaboration on an ISS ITSM implementation case. A case study has since been produced, describing this…

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